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Monthly Tributes

December, 06, 2004

Monthly Tributes:

Each month earthwizard will honor elders within the Pagan community who have served us well and brought to us the ancient wisdom of the Land and Tribes of our immortal kindred.

Month of December, 2003 dedicate to the memory and honor of Doreen Valiente (1922-1999), High Priestess of Wicca:

She was initiated into the Wiccan tradition by Gerald Gardner in 1953, and became one of the greatest High Priestesses of the Wiccan tradition. Her enduring greatness lies in the fact that she was so completely and strong-mindedly dedicated to finding and declaring her own truth, in a world in which the signposts to it were in almost complete and utter confusion. Her lasting legacy is to have been a prime mover in shaping the main tenets of the Wiccan Tradition as we have known it: first, that it aims to draw out and enhance the divinity within us; second, it abolishes the traditional Western distinction between religion and magic; third, it is a mystery religion in the line of all Cults of the Goddess that have come down to us from antiquity; fourth, at the core of our religion is a deep need for performance and ritual, enactment of the mysteries through music, dance, and symbolic gesture; and, lastly, ours is an eclectic and protean path: it is continuously revised and given new shape through the living members of any one coven - there are no sacred books, only sacred humans. Please visit her site to learn more about this Lady of our Craft.

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