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January, 23, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie: The Poetry of Tawny Bennett

	Vision from the Goddess #2 - The Elements

	The elements are my true witness... 
	And I now pronouce my pure nature 
	I call unto thee... 
	Earth, Air, Fire, Water 
	To aide in my reclaiming of soul 
	I relinquish the binds that hold me from my sacred alter 
	The Earth so pure you teach me to endure 
	The Air so free you help me to believe 
	The Fire so real you remind me to feel 
	The Water for which I am faithfully bound, 
	you keep my feet safely on the ground 
	Blessed Be! 
	Copyright 8/2003 Tawny Bennett

			- Tawny Bennett.  I currently live in Jacksonville, Fl.  I am a mother 
			of two very gifted daughters.  My eldest has already made me a proud Grandmother. 
			I consider myself an Eclectic Witch following my own path in the quest of Old. 
			I will kindly accept and questions or comments on my works (Please feel free to 
			contact me at: crazyaboutbflys@yahoo.com). 
			Blessed Be!


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