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January, 22, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie: The Poetry of Tawny Bennett

		Time Before the Moon 

	When the seas of earth were within the ground. There was a great 
	nation of beings like we have not seen... The first was made by them 
	to protect their kind. This is where the first of us chosen ones came 
	from... We were healers, warriors, a blend the anchient beings, mixed 
	with the body of the creatures of the earth. 
	The coming of the moon, brought forth a great tradgedy in which... 
	The anchient people could not survive. The rising of the sea divided them. 
	Today the chosen ones carry thier lineage within their souls and our souls 
	are ancient. As them, we are timeless as the moon. Just as there was once balance 
	between the anchient ones and their earth. There will be balance again, though, 
	few of us know of this... The key lies within each of us, but we waste our time 
	over the semantics of good and evil. 
	***  Please note: 
	This is really not a poem... But a story of long ago. 
	Hope it touches your soul as much as it has mine 
	This has no author... (It was given to me in a vision- and this vision was 
	confirmed to be by several `older` souls in which I have encountered of recent). 

		Copyright 8/2003 Tawny Bennett

			- Tawny Bennett.  I currently live in Jacksonville, Fl.  I am a mother 
			of two very gifted daughters.  My eldest has already made me a proud Grandmother. 
			I consider myself an Eclectic Witch following my own path in the quest of Old. 
			I will kindly accept and questions or comments on my works (Please feel free to 
			contact me at: crazyaboutbflys@yahoo.com). 
			Blessed Be!


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