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January, 21, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie: The Poetry of Tawny Bennett

		Soul of Beckon
	She came from a time when all of the world was new to mankind 
	Her makers chose her to tend to the ones who would make amends 
	From a child she knew her task and she dare not ask why 
	For in her heart and soul she knew the answers would come soon enough 
	Little did she know that her life would be so rough? 
	When she was three, a butterfly spoke to thee 
	It told her of how wonderful things will be 
	The butterfly said: 
	“The world’s future lies in the balance of all that you know” 
	For this she does owe her lives calling 
	To be the one known as the Soul of Beckon 
	Pretty little minds always troubling 
	Many flocking to her side along for the ride 
	They who seek come immensely to her rescue 
	Like bees on honey they drove to her side 
	Counting each day that goes by with a grain of salt 
	With or without a fight she hopes to collect the ones needed 
	Waiting for the time when all things will come to an end 
	Patiently awaiting for that moment when they will all defend 
	Weary is this life that the chosen keeps 
	Forever, she will search to her hearts content 
	Damned but blessed is this one, with the Soul that Beckons
	   Copyright 8/2003 Tawny Bennett

		- Tawny Bennett.  I currently live in Jacksonville, Fl.  I am a mother 
			of two very gifted daughters.  My eldest has already made me a proud Grandmother. 
			I consider myself an Eclectic Witch following my own path in the quest of Old. 
			I will kindly accept and questions or comments on my works (Please feel free to 
			contact me at: crazyaboutbflys@yahoo.com). 
			Blessed Be!


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