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Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

January, 20, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie: The Poetry of Silvelock

	I was a young man stationed on the Pine Tree Line in Canada. 
	We were told never to go into the woods alone. 
	I didn't listen and this is what happened.

	I was wandering aimlessly
	In the timber
	When I heard your call.
	Your friends answered,
	And I shivered.
	I was lost and afraid.
	I had been warned not to go
	Into the timber alone
	But I did not listen
	It had been three days
	Since I'd left the trading post
	And now I didn't think
	I'd ever find it again.
	As I stepped around a large pine tree
	You came out of the brush
	And stood before me.
	I tried to move
	But atavistic fear held me still.
	As I stood there looking into your eyes
	It seemed that you tried to speak
	But could not.
	When your friends appeared
	And advanced threateningly
	You warned them back.
	You turned and walked off,
	Stopped and looked back
	AS if to say, "Are you coming?"
	I followed you and your friends
	Until early dawn
	Whyen we stopped at the edge of a clearing.
	Through the morning mist
	I could see the trading post,
	And I knew that here we would part.
	As I neared the post
	And saw the factor,
	I turned and looked back.
	Your friends were gone
	But you were still there
	I waved,
	You called out
	Then turned and ran into the timber.
	I stood there for a moment
	Remembering the Indian chief
	That told me you were the Great Spirit.
	Then the factor said,
    "Those wolves get bolder everyday".

			© Richard  2004

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