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Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

January, 19, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie: The Poetry of Silvelock

	These are a few lines I wrote one night as I sat in a bar. Where or why doesn't matter, 
	only that they had a terrific fiddle player. He began by playing fast and lively tunes, 
	"The Orange Blossom Special","Ole Slewfoot", and "Foggy Mountain Breakdown". As the 
	evening grew older and the wine more mellow, he played slower and sadder sounding songs. 
	   Last Call
	At the bar tenders "Last Call", 
	I ordered another glass of wine 
	and the fiddler began to 
	play "Faded Love:

	The fiddles played soft and low
	A tune I remembered in my mind
	I thought of the way I loved her
	And how I remember her in my mind.
	The violin almost seemed to cry
	The way that fiddler played
	It seemed to tell of my life
	And of my love for that indian maid.
	I was lost in the music there
	As I savored the taste of the wine
	And the thoughts that came rushing back
	As I remembered her in my mind.
	Then the song was over, the player was through
	The final note faded away
	I thought again of that indian maid
	Her memory was here to stay.
		©Richard 2004

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