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January, 18, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie: The Poetry of Raven

	Sensory Overload

	What do my eyes see, when I look beyond the stars?
	Only Goddess knows, how near and how very far
	I see into the future, above those lying beneath
	The filth and hate piling up underneath my feet.
	What do my ears hear, when I open them to the seas?
	Not the wind, the waves nor the sighing of the trees
	I hear the past sneak up behind me, standing at my back
	So close to the disease and heartache,waiting to attack.
	What does my nose smell, when I inhale the crisp air?
	Swirling around me, above me, it's always everywhere
	I smell the stench of death, the putrid air below
	Wafting from your mouth, as you tell me to go.
	What does my mouth taste, as it takes you in so deep?
	Not the salty tang of pleasure, but the after taste of sweat
	I taste those that came before me, the lingering bitterness
	That threatens to send me into hell, to push me over the edge.
	What do my hands feel, when I place them to your chest?
	Not the beating of a warm heart, not beneath your cold breast
	The iciness that freezes them to your cold hard skin
	Sinking deeper into the pits of that which you call sin.

		© 2003

		- Raven, aka Misty McDivitt, is a 26 year old 
		mother of three from southwestern Virginia. 
		She has been writing for well over a decade and 
		is always searching for new outlets for her talent. 
		Although not currently active in the Pagan community, 
		she is studying the craft as time allows with hopes of 
		an initiation in the near future. You can visit her online 
		diary at http://veryraven.diaryland.com or reach her by email 
		at blackbird_singing@earthlink.net.


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