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January, 18, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie: The Poetry of Raven

	Precious Child

	Close your eyes, my precious little child
	Dance your way across the midnight sky
	Frolick freely with the unicorns and sprites
	And dream sweet dreams in your head tonight.
	Cast your gaze upon the meadow there
	Full of daisies to place in your hair
	Spread your wings, float with the bees
	Sip the nectar, flit amongst the trees.
	See that forest, there up ahead?
	Pretend the moss floor is your soft bed
	The night sky your blanket, a pillow of stars
	Let Pegasus show you the Milky Way and Mars.
	Close your eyes, my little precious one
	Slip away quietly and enjoy your fun
	I shall be here when you finally awake
	With hugs and kisses, I will await.

		© 2003

		- Raven, aka Misty McDivitt, is a 26 year old 
		mother of three from southwestern Virginia. 
		She has been writing for well over a decade and 
		is always searching for new outlets for her talent. 
		Although not currently active in the Pagan community, 
		she is studying the craft as time allows with hopes of 
		an initiation in the near future. You can visit her online 
		diary at http://veryraven.diaryland.com or reach her by email 
		at blackbird_singing@earthlink.net.


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