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November, 08, 2004

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie: The Poetry of Raven


	I am naked before you
	In my glory I kneel
	Upon my scarred knees
	For you I reveal.
	I wipe the cobwebs from my eyes
	To you I give the gift of sight
	Here lie the ashes of broken love
	Damaged beyond the help from above
	To you I give the gift of light
	To chase the cobwebs from your eyes
	To thee I give a heart of glass
	For you to smash so swift and fast
	I wish to you the joys of the heart
	For me to break into little parts
	To thee I hand the curse of hate
	For you to swallow with all haste.

		© 2003

		- Raven, aka Misty McDivitt, is a 26 year old 
		mother of three from southwestern Virginia. 
		She has been writing for well over a decade and 
		is always searching for new outlets for her talent. 
		Although not currently active in the Pagan community, 
		she is studying the craft as time allows with hopes of 
		an initiation in the near future. You can visit her online 
		diary at http://veryraven.diaryland.com or reach her by email 
		at blackbird_singing@earthlink.net.


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