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January, 17, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie: The Poetry of Raven


	I'm a loner, don't mess with me
	People keep your distance
	You won't like what you come to see
	I can not be who you want me to be
	I'm a bitch, don't come around me
	People stay away
	You won't like what I do to you
	I am not who you think I am, I am not like you.
	I'm something of a dreamer, don't dare wake me
	People, let me sleep
	You do not need to know my dreams,you need not know me
	I am not the same as everyone else, I am simply me.
	I am something you will never meet
	People, let me be
	You do not know what is inside
	You do not know what secrets I hide.
	I am that which you should fear
	People, you better stand clear
	Heed my warning, because some morning
	You will be here, like me.
		© 2003

		- Raven, aka Misty McDivitt, is a 26 year old 
		mother of three from southwestern Virginia. 
		She has been writing for well over a decade and 
		is always searching for new outlets for her talent. 
		Although not currently active in the Pagan community, 
		she is studying the craft as time allows with hopes of 
		an initiation in the near future. You can visit her online 
		diary at http://veryraven.diaryland.com or reach her by email 
		at blackbird_singing@earthlink.net.


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