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January, 17, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie: The Poetry of Dwareniel Moone

	The Legend of the Phoenix
	In the myths and legends
	Of ancient lands
	Is a tale buried deep
	In Time's ageless sands.
	A beast of immortality,
	Born of the flame.
	The eternal Phoenix
	Is its mythical name.
	Alone in a paradise
	Of flower and tree
	Great Phoenix reigns
	In tranquility.
	For a thousand years
	The giant bird flies
	Leaving a fiery trail
	Through the heavenly skies.
	At the end of its reign
	As death draws nigh
	Phoenix turns to Phoenicia,
	And takes to the sky.
	In the tallest palm tree,
	Phoenix builds a nest
	Of spice and herb
	For its deathly rest.
	As dawn approaches
	The dying Phoenix sings
	And Sun God halts
	In the dawn that He brings.
	Time stands still
	As the nest takes spark
	The mournful cries carried
	Away by the dark.
	The ashes still smolder
	As dawn touches East.
	Giving birth from death
	To a beautiful beast.
	The flames flow to feathers
	Of fiery gold and red.
	As the reborn Phoenix
	Rises up from the dead.
	With its nest, the old pyre,
	Clutched in its claws
	The new Pheonix takes flight
	Without further pause.
	To Aeliopolis-
	City of the Sun
	The great bird of flame
	Leads the flocks as one.
	The hawk with the sparrow,
	The eagle with the dove,
	All flying in harmony,
	In trust and love.
	On to the temple
	Where Phoenix comes to rest
	Upon the Sun's altar
	To lay its nest.
	Once more Phoenix arises
	With the flocks to take flight
	To the distant paradise
	Hidden by the Sun's light.
	In this beautiful Eden
	A thousand years Phoenix will reign.
	Until the death song calls
	For flight once again.
	And so destiny repeats
	As the ages fly by
	The promise of eternity
	Heard in the Phoenix's cry.

		~ Moone
	  	©  2003

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