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Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

November, 08, 2004

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie: The Poetry of Dwareniel Moone

	Solitaire's Full Moon Ritual:
Drawing Down the Moon

	Standing neath the full moon tonight,
	Her light shining on my upturned face,
	I heard her voice in my ear,
	Carried on the wind,
	Then swept away,
	Returning from whence it came.
	Her eyes twinkle amongst the stars,
	Shining down through the webbed, black branches
	Of an old oak, my witness.
	See here, Goddess...
	My chalice is full,
	Near to overflowing with hopes and desires,
	Swirling about your light,
	Blending with the sweet magick
	That you cast with a wayward beam.
	My heart strings are your harp,
	Your melody echoing through 
	The labyrinth maze 
	Of my soul,
	My very core hums
	As my being becomes 
	Aquainted with the ancient language once more.
	Feet rooted to the ground,
	Mind enraptured,
	I stare into the depths,
	See your face reflected back,
	And I smile
	Before shattering the image
	With my athame.
	Watching as the moon scatters,
	I realize I bear witness
	To the meaning
	Of your mystery.
	Though broken, the light splintered,
	It is still one light.
	All that exists, seen and unseen,
	Is this light,
	Seeking to reunite once more,
	To become one again.
	This knowledge I drink down,
	Letting the cool revelation
	Flow into me, through me,
	Filling me to the brim of my soul. 
	Your light is my light,
	My soul is your soul.
	Together we flow, spiraling out,
	Rippling across the universe,
	The Spirit's own chalice.
	Such sublime peace,
	To drift on the wings
	Of a freed soul,
	To soar into the face of mother moon,
	To taste her essence in the air.
	But alas, this magick
	Was meant to pass,
	Only a fleeting glimpse
	Of what awaits Mother's children.
	Descending through a mist of dew and dream,
	I feel the ground beneath my feet once more.
	My mortal self trembles,
	Mt heart beating fast.
	Euphoric and giddy,
	Laughing with joy,
	Her light shining on my upturned face
	As I stand neath the full moon.

		~ Moone
	  	©  200r

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