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Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

January, 16, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie: The Poetry of Dwareniel Moone

	Midnight in the Garden:
	A Midsummer Eve's Musing
	The scent of magnolia and jasmine
	Perfumes the sultry night air.
	Twilight turns to darker shades
	As I sit on the back porch stair.
	The street lights turn on one by one,
	Shadows deepening around their light.
	I plant my feet in dew-wet grass,
	Stirring fireflies into flight.
	I listen with rapt attention
	To the melody of crickets and frogs,
	That blend with distant sounds
	Of shifting leaves and barking dogs.
	I gaze at a crescent moon
	Rising above the willow tree
	That has graced the little garden
	For many a century.
	Its gently swaying branches
	Try to no avail
	To hide the flitting faey
	Behind its leafy veil.
	They dance among the roses
	And splash in the old bird bath,
	Inviting me to stroll
	Down my garden path.
	The cobblestones feel warm
	Beneath my still-wet feet.
	Faey dart across my path,
	Beating a fast retreat.
	They pick the precious herbs
	From my garden, tender green.
	Green magick they wish to tap,
	Herbs' power they seek to glean.
	Down the path we travel
	Into a hidden glen.
	I gaze about in wonder,
	Tis a place I've never been.
	Faey sprinkle about the herbs
	Within their magickal ring,
	Their voices raised in song
	To praise the great Oak King.
	Tis their Solstice celebration
	To honor the eternal fight.
	Holly King battling Oak,
	Oak King waning before his might.
	I join the sacred dance,
	Rising up into the dark,
	Savoring the enchanted moment
	As the moon completes her arc.
	Wearied from my flight
	I drift down to touch the ground.
	Dawn is fast approaching.
	Faey retreat into their mound.
	Tis time to head for home.
	I say my last farewell
	And with melancholy steps
	I break the enchanted spell.
	Alone I stand in my garden
	Still caught up in the weave
	Of the beauty and the magick
	Of a Midsummer's Eve.

		~ Moone
	  	©  2003

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