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Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

January, 15, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie: The Poetry of Dwareniel Moone

	Footprints on the Water
	I sit on the banks of the universe
	Watching the flow and ebb of stars
	As they sweep past my dangling feet,
	Swirling round the rock of Mars.
	I cast my line as far as I can
	Into the Milky Way,
	Hoping to catch a wish
	To save for another day.
	I smile as the sun
	Circles slowly round my head,
	Trailing his ribbons of fire
	Of brazen gold and red.
	Shading my eyes from the light
	Of distant galaxies,
	I scan the infinite horizon
	With my face into the breeze.
	I catch the scent of laughter,
	Crisp and light, mingled in
	With just a hint of heaven
	To tantalize me again.
	There in the distance
	I can see a silhouette
	Standing on a faraway shore
	That I have not seen yet.
	The shadow waves a greeting
	Beckoning me to come,
	To slip beneath chill waters,
	Feel my body grow cold and numb.
	I swim against the tides of time
	Towards that distant shore,
	Trying to catch a glimpse
	Of the shadowed form once more.
	My mortal shell cannot withstand
	The crashing waves of ages
	And I know my book of life
	Is running out of pages.
	Now adrift and sinking fast
	I cry out to my unknown friend
	To save me from the black waters
	Or my life will surely end.
	I hear a soft, low chuckle
	And open my eyes to see
	A vision of pure beauty
	Standing over me.
	She stretches forth her hand
	And lifts me into the air
	Then guides me to the shore,
	Picking her steps with care.
	Lying in the warmth of her light,
	I watch as she draws in the sand,
	Creating other worlds
	From a spiral she draws by hand.
	I see her shake the droplets
	From her tousled mane
	And laugh as I am showered
	With stars that fall like rain.
	Her smile warms my soul
	As she dances in her light,
	Clapping her hands together,
	Filled with pure delight.
	She halts in her merry dance
	At the expression on my face
	And sits down beside me,
	Waiting with patient grace.
	I shyly ask my question.
	How could it be
	That, even as I sank,
	She was there to rescue me?
	She looked across the waters
	With her head slightly cocked
	And with an impish grin
	Laughed and whispered,
	"I walked."

		~ Moone
	  	©  2003

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