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January, 15, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie: The Poetry of Ena Ambra

	The Truth About Witches
	They call us all evil, they say that we're mean
	Connect us with awful and unsightly things
	We're old and we're ugly, with craggy dry skin
	Grey hair and wrinkles and warts on our chin
	They say we kill children, with devils consort
	We're wicked and hellish and cold, they report
	We fly `bout on broomsticks, dance under full moons
	Cackling and hackling unfavorable tunes
	Chanting our mischief and conjuring spells
	Summoning demons and hounds from the hell
	Eye of newt, tongue of frog, and big wings of bat
	Stirring and brewing in black iron vats
	We'll taint all your thoughts, your goodness corrode
	And don't try to stop us, we'll turn you to toads!
	Our aim is for evil and reckless debauchery
	We'll ruin your dreams and bask in the revelry
	Goblins and ghosties are our only friends
	They join in our haunting and raucous portends.
	We're up to no good!  Of that they're quite certain
	We dance the thin veil and draw the dark curtain
	Old hags!  We're not worthy of redemption and love
	An abomination which should be removed!
	So death to all Witches!  Go meet your demise!
	Be no longer among us!  Your souls to despise!
	The irony is, this is nothing but bunk!
	Fabrication!  Imagination!  Unscrupulous junk!
	We Witches aren't evil, aren't wicked and cold
	We aren't much of anything that's ever been told
	For the truth as it is, is much duller than lies
	We won't kill your children, on broomsticks don't fly
	We're all loving folk with the kindest of hearts
	Our magic is that of the Universe arts
	The Goddess we worship, With the Horn One consort
	We're Gods and we're Goddesses of the Earth-loving sort
	We mean no one harm but seek to do well
	Our souls find the Summerland, never the Hell
	It's Nature we honor and the Universe revere
	Our intentions are virtuous, moral and fair
	A balance we desire.  With Nature, commune
	Tho' we can oft be found dancing under the moon
	It's knowledge we're after.  It's wisdom we crave
	From the ways of the old ones, the ancient and brave.
	Some may be old, but we prefer wise
	Some are quite young in modern disguise
	Our faces aren't ragged, no warts on our chins
	Our voices don't cackle on wondering winds
	We're brothers and sisters of all that you see
	We're daughters and sons of the Powers that be.
	We're your neighbors and family, coworkers and friends
	We just want the lies and intolerance to end
	It's acceptance we seek, and the World know, at last
	That Satan, he doesn't exist in the Craft.
		~ Ena Ambra
	  	©December 23, 2003


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