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Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

March, 17, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

the pot of blood in Kaliís hand...

	    Artwork (c) Earthwizard
        A Witches' Cauldron 
	Some say the Witches' Cauldron 
	is a thing of myth, 
	a broken tale, 
	a dream of yesteryear; 
	but know this well 
	the pot of blood 
	in Kali's hand 
	is no myth: 
	but is the Great Wheel's 
	churning ocean sieve; 
	and if the three 
	Wyrd Sisters round it sit, 
	know they stir 
	the memory of our heart, 
	the elder tales 
	of age-gone bye 
	into the well of Wyrd, 
	past all doom; 
	three cauldron's 
	did Isis wear; 
	and from the cave 
	womb of the earth 
	Odin stole the Wise Blood, 
	in serpent form 
	slithering till 
	the Giantess 
	made love to him: 
	he drank the blood 
	and turned to bird 
	to carry all 
	the secrets of this Wood Maiden 
	back to the High Gods 
	of Aesir's kin; 
	the Wise Woman, Siris, 
	churned the heavens 
	in lapis lazuli's cauldron mead 
	of pure gold and silver; 
	and as all children know 
	lapis lazuli is 
	the sacred blood 
	of mother sky, 
	her heart's amulet; 
	Chaldeans swore 
	seven vessels score 
	the heavens, 
	inverted cauldrons 
	held the stars light: 
	and if you touched 
	to bolt, the door 
	leading to the seventh clime, 
	you'd find 
	the seven cauldrons 
	of Abru metal, 
	iron handles gleaming; 
	but as all know 
	Egyptian priests 
	in seven circles stood 
	within the womb 
	of the Lake of Fire, 
	regenerations blessings; 
	the Greeks do tell 
	of King Aeson 
	who resurrected was 
	when boiled 
	in the cauldron of Medea, 
	"Mead of Wisdom"; 
	in Tartarus we find 
	King Minos, Lord of Death 
	who, too, was boiled white of bone 
	in the Goddess Cauldron; 
	Badb's cauldron, the Morrigans, 
	threefold promise 
	gave to Celtic Tribes life, 
	wisdom, inspiration and enlightenment; 
	but to Welsh bards 
	she was the Goddess Branwen: 
	the Lady of the Lake 
	who held the Cauldron; 
	but some have known her 
	as Brangwen, 
	Goddess of the Womb and Tomb: 
	the Wise Woman 
	who gave Tristan and Iseult 
	their fatal love potion; 
	Cerridwen gave to Taliesin 
	the Salmon wisdom 
	by pure accident, 
	for truth to tell 
	she boiled the brew 
	for her son 
	from faŽrie wisdom 
	for Inspiration and Science: 
	and this bright bard 
	for a year and a day 
	stood by willingly 
	until one blessed drop 
	on to his finger fled 
	and hot to touch, 
	he soothed with tongue: 
	and, then, 
	his mind began to know 
	the language of the birds; 
	Morgan le Fay 
	and the Nine Sisters of the Way 
	stood round the sacred cauldron 
	four times revolving: 
	the Words of power betoken 
	by breath of maidens blowing, 
	it will not boil cowards food: 
	it would not fall perjured. 
	in Medieval times, 
	they say 
	the dark ways of the Cauldron 
	fell to slaying of the enemy 
	whose blood they caught 
	within the black well 
	of the Cauldron 
	reading omens in their entrails; 
	the shield bled double lobed 
	sacred cauldron held the blood 
	of the Horned God, Cernnunos, 
	who rose again made whole; 
	the Skaldic poets of the North 
	know well the Mighty Roaring Cauldron 
	where in their soul journeys 
	they traveled to Hvergelmir 
	the rites to know; 
	and, finally, as all ladies know 
	Sir Galahad the favored son of light, 
	worshipped the Triple-Goddess 
	of Magick and Mystery, 
	and in his last moment 
	of life saw the ancient dream 
	of the Grael: 
	the silver wheel of life, 
	the stars own sight, 
	the Cauldron of the Goddess. 
	- Earthwizard, aka, Steven Craig Hickman 
	    © January 9, 2004 


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