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March, 15, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

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	    Artwork (c) Earthwizard
	The Trolldómr's Galdrabok: or, The Hedgewitch's Book of Galdr Songs
	The Old Norse knew her wisdom,
	saga tells of woman dreams
	of treachery,
	of magick black and fell,
	the dark Troll's ways,
	the Hedgewitch Rider
	bent and splayed upon the stone,
	her raven eyes all wide
	casting doubt far and wide,
	the dream words bringing forth
	the gods own speech of life and death,
	broken troth of ancient feuds,
	Wyrd casts the stones;
	Maker binds the stars:
	both walk the hedge
	between the worlds;
	listen well to their names:
	'galdramaðr, vitki, skratti, 
	trollmaðr, by male;
	'gýgr, seiðkona, spákona, 
	torollkona, vòlva, by female;
	Óðinn's runes the hedgewitch knows,
	the fire binder's tale of old,
	words of power once respected
	now fallen into earth and sea, no more
	to rise above the crested waters;
	yet, now we speak out loud, sing
	the words of power and mystery,
	ours to tell the tale, 
	the Old Ones, Spaewife creeds
	all told upon this earth, 
	Troth giver's word;
	bardic poets: skáldskaprs, 
	song shapers,
	rise in our midst 
	glamor galdors to sing,
	of ancient tribes; keeper's wisdom,
	legend wielders of the myths and tales;
	crafty words and deeds, the galdrabok:
	the Book of Galdr Songs, holds forth
	in sight and sounds of magick chants 
	and charms, the hedgewicke fends 
	the dark gods woe with fire, and dragon wiles;
	healing power once swayed the tale
	the witches' words spoken by the gods spell,
	wounded warriors healed by charms;
	Wyrd marks the boundaries of gods and men,
	the challenge is to circumvent the twisted skein:
	the hedgewitch fly's bye that circle,
	tends the Great Wheels turnstile
	bending all to her will, the knowledge and the skill
	of heaven's movements through the circuit
	flowing in her skull waken mysteries of the goddess;
	all laughter of the gods is hers who knows this:
	twined our fates are to the wheel of time,
	yet in the measure of a moment we can unbind
	the secret maze between the worlds, the Otherworld,
	winding into our hidden dream,
	wherein Time, Death's keeper holds no sway,
	victim and victor once again made whole
	to walk upon the shores of ancient seas:
	their sweet life waking to the white sands,
	a dream of white towers of Avalon rising from mists,
	and all the Eldar of the Dreamtime welcoming
	them back into the fold of light from whence they first arose!
          - Earthwizard, aka, Steven Craig Hickman
                   © January 19, 2004

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