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Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

March, 14, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

the pot of blood in Kaliís hand...

	    Artwork (c) Earthwizard
			The True Art of Spellcrafting
	In ancient ceremonial magick
	out of litanies of Chaldea, Babylon, Persia,
	Caanaan, Hittite, Crete, and Malta,
	Greece, and Rome, Celtic, and the Northern tribes:
	all the early goddess cultures
	that spellcraft charms began
	in invocation to the gods
	and goddesses. Oh, there are those
	who will tell you that the High Priests
	of Ra in Egypt formed it; but know
	the truth, Isis cult of women knew
	that spellcrafting techniques hold
	at bay the priests of Ra. So what
	is a spell, a charm, a warding, and a curse:
	it is the power within ones true Self,
	the inner Self: the rider of the fire,
	the turning gyre, the turning mistress
	of the Great Wheel who keeps returning
	in each life who knows this truth.
	So when you think on making spells,
	remember well that it is not you
	but that Other Self, the primary one
	at the center of your life who knows
	the ways, the brazen spells
	to cast and use for good or ill.
	So do not lamely try to use a spell
	another sings; for only you can tune
	the harp that gives you bidding
	of the blessed Art of Spellcrafting.
	Together we will learn to listen
	to tune ourselves to the only source
	who can give each and every one of us
	the power to cast a spell that's true.
	So listen well to what I say and you the Art
	of Spellcrafting shall learn. Tune the ear,
	the mind, the hand to know
	the rhythm of the moon and heart:
	for only then will you believe the full embodiment
	of this way. The Witching Art of Spellcrafting
	is not a to be taken lightly. All power of gods
	and goddesses reside within the art of words,
	and if you carelessly spin out your charms
	you just might find your mind in chains
	rebounding from your own mislaid spells
	casting vainly for the art to find your way back here.
	Now this is troth: the Modern Wiccan's
	tried to teach with pleasant rules
	and modern creeds the wisdom of the ages;
	but we are Witches' of the Old Religion
	and no longer need the footsteps
	of the modern craft to teach us
	with mild persuasion and the honeyed ways
	of lays the truth within us.
	so know this well, my witchy friends,
	the spell is power unbound within you
	to do both ill or harm; And, if you do not know
	the Art and Craft of the Wise:
	if you doubt my saying, then just go
	about your merry way: for you will sooner find
	the dark side of your self in charge
	and all your life in fetters bound
	to shadow worlds of your own making;
	but if it is the Witches' Troth you seek,
	to form the way of light, the cone of power
	in circle where you are dancing deosil:
	then chant your spells in honor of the Lord and Lady;
	for then you will always find yourself in tune
	with this bright earth and form the shaping powers
	of true art that tap the moon, draw down her power
	and move the world to her desire not yours.
	this my Witchy friends and pupils
	is the true Art of Spellcrafting: letting go,
	knowing her who is the source of all your charms.
	- Earthwizard, aka, Steven Craig Hickman
	© January, 8, 2004


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