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Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

March, 14, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

melter of limbs...

	    Artwork (c) Earthwizard
	The Spae-Wife's Vision
	I see them come,
	three to weave,
	fold the sea
	times by three.
	Under the tree:
	Yggr's ash,
	they sit and stir
	magick mead.
	Three by three,
	 all know them: 
	Urd, Verdandi, 
	Skuld: their names.
	Past, present,
	future ways
	theirs to tell,
	and know the rlgs.
	Of Aesir, Alph,
	and Dwarven blood,
	nine descend
	who rule the Loom.
	Runeweaver knows
	the truth to tell,
	her casting spell
	unfolds the tale.
	Break the mold
	walk free of her,
	know the troth:
	gods own lore.
	I cast the bone stav
	moonwise tonight,
	the red I see
	tells me her mind.
	In dark of moon
	know evil ways,
	make pasted cakes;
	seal enemy's fate.
	By light of moon,
	face turning white,
	spin loom trice,
	know Wyrd's doom.
	Child is born,
	cut the thread:
	heroes  rlg,
	Norns fated spell.
	Blood of wolves,
	carven runes;
	I break the fool,
	Odinn's tool.
		- Earthwizard, aka, Steven Craig Hickman
			© February 2, 2004

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