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Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

March, 14, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

The Sad Prince, the Wildwood King, knows the truths of battle, of fallen comrades, of the difficult ways of men who must defend their tribes against the dark foes who would destroy them; and yet he is also a man of the earth, a feeling, caring, loving hearth-ridden warrior who has felt the deep and abiding presence of the goddess in his life and knows that war is a \ terrible waste of manhood...

	    Artwork (c) Marc Potts
	The Sad Prince: 'Wildwood King'

	There is sadness in his eye, the fallen king,
	the torn and shattered marshalling of his kin,
	the twisted ways of Wyrd, the mourning wails,
	the women dressed in raven wings, eyes black as night, singing
	out the keening dirges of the battle slain: woe to all
	who survive such death, the slayer's blazoned craft;
	for now they must live with strange knowledge, 
	myths and legends, fierce progeny of the mind's altered light:
	bones of contention, ancestral mounds, the head's dark laughter:
	night after night, I ponder this man's life, the moving tongue,
	the glazed indifference of his empty skull; chancing all,
	I wander these blood fields, seeking answers 
	to my black heart's seeming pride, perchance I might 
	discover old friends in the mist, the gaze, warm flesh 
	rising to meet me on moor and glen; the frozen stare,
	the cold emblazon of this victory measured in markings of the moon:
	the quick light of those guests out of other realms, the faŽrie sith,
	who, wind walkers all, cross the boundaries between night and day,
	traveling in hidden guise, betraying the dark hidden life
	that is the earth's legacy: the warrior and his bride, 
	the Elvin gleam of eyes, the hands betrothal, wild enchantments of the heart:
	twice in a life, the secret hand reveals the rose; the blue passion, mystery of love.
		- Earthwizard, aka, Steven Craig Hickman
			©December 8, 2003

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