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Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

March, 14, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

Life after life the circle is bright...

	    Artwork (c) Earthwizard
			Reclaiming the Magick
	Reclaiming the Magick
	Day breaks and the mind wakens to the dream,
	the rain that falls upon my skin,
	the puddles before my feet,
	the frosted wind upon my back
	all tell of feelings that I know:
	"I am alive and kicking,
	blest with knowledge
	of who I am, of whence I came,
	for what purpose I have come,
	for all the bright lights upon the shore,
	and I still follow that bright star
	on the edge of night,
	the Star of Love that gives me
	the power to move, to run,
	to feel this love tonight
	for all creatures, bright and merry,
	on this green earth." So you
	too can see within, the light,
	the love, the power of this magick:
	the shape of past, present and future
	reckoning, the wheel of life,
	the dance of time,
	the ancient forces of the elements;
	so know within your heart of hearts
	that you are blessed, magnificent:
	a child of the goddess and the god,
	our Lord and Lady of the stars;
	and know it well, that you do not need
	to bend your knee to any other powers
	in this or any other world, but be
	in the being of your mystery
	the woman you desire to be;
	for you hold the "words of power",
	the hekau in the depths of your own self,
	and can call the storms,
	the seas bold rage,
	the trees from off the hills,
	the manna dew from the bone moon
	within your witchy breath to do
	all chosen work within our Great Art:
	to reclaim your power
	and step into the circle
	where your desire
	will be made perfect,
	hold the wand,
	the athame,
	the breath of the imperishable flame
	in the center of your mind;
	and say the words of light:
	"O Mother of night and wisdom
	come to me now, 
	show me my way,
	my power,
	teach me the ways,
	the ancient seeds
	of justice and kindness;
	the broken dreams
	that scattered lie
	upon the shore of time,
	to gather all the flowers
	of this green earth
	into a knot
	and flame for your desire,
	so we may worship thee,
	in troth and honor of your word;
	hold me closely, let me cry,
	if need arises, let me feel
	thee next to me in all my crises:
	let me lay my head upon thy lap,
	and feel the touch of your sweet hand
	flowing through my hair;
	I have need of thee, great Mother,
	so come and be for me the power,
	the dance, the light of all my life."
	then, arise look up
	and see a mystery:
	her bright and shining face
	beaming at you from the magick
	center of the light of lights:
	her eyes full of joy and sadness,
	her skin all white and gold,
	her robe of blue and green
	unfolding, wrapping round thee;
	as you fall head first into her lap,
	and feel the gentle pressure of her hands;
	so cry, little one, to your heart's desire:
	know that the Lady understands
	and is always at your side,
	to hear you, feel you, know your deep desires,
	the pain, the solitude, the lonely hours...
	     - Earthwizard, aka, Steven Craig Hickman
	         (c) January, 15,2004


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