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Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

February, 18, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

Some believe that there are "spots in time" that allow the worlds outside of our time to suddenly be manifest. On a cold winter's night, under a blood moon, listen carefully to the horned owl, the cry of the wolf, and the cyotes shrill desperation... on that bitter northern wind one might also just hear the banshee's cry...

	    Artwork (c) Jessica Galbreth
	Songs of Archaic Night
	Let the banshee's cry 
	sound far and wide,
	let the she-wolf's moon 
	circle in its night sky,
	let the triune sisters 
	scry their ancient rites: 
	for tonight we dance 
	upon the ashes of the brave,
	feed the ghosts 
	of ancestral earth 
	with living seed,
	and kindle 
	the need-fires 
	beyond the sundered seas. 
	Let us jump 
	through the spiral flames 
	thrice cloven,
	beat our magic drums 
	and stir the cauldron's breath,
	raise the old gods 
	from their shadowed deaths.
	For tonight, 
	we ride the great horned moon 
	in the Wild Huntsman's train   
	in honor of her 
	who is the Queen of Lights, 
	the Mistress of toads 
	and wights:  
	leech gatherer, moon bender, 
	enchanted boon giver 
	whose bright face 
	outshines the faeries sun;
	who holds the dreams 
	of blessing and doom, 
	weaves and unweaves 
	the songs of light and dark;
	those spells of time 
	that trouble human dreams 
	of archaic night.

	 	- Earthwizard, aka, Steven Craig Hickman
	                 ©November 20, 2003

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