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Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

January, 30, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

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	    Artwork (c) Earthwizard
		The Lore of Herbs
	Dark as night, moon is black and sealed:
	wart and blend of horned pleasure, revealed;
	the Acorn on the windowsill
	still holds the flames at bay;
	when adders bite, the waning moon doth lay, 
	Adderís Tongue picked clean, its life doth purse;
	Agrimony: the dead manís curse, 
	folds back the dream till he has fled:
	when from his deeds the head
	in troubled scores of dreams bestir;
	five nuts from Almond trees do stir:
	the wine godís mysteries undone by her;
	Angelica, the Black Death, knows, 
	for Michael, the Archangel, glows; 
	so if the Sun on Yule doth shine, 
	then know the Apple orchardís fruit is fine;
	but, if a single apple is left unpicked, 
	the Pagans know the faŽrie will bless it:
	but the Christian Godís priests took the tale
	and made the apple omen of death to tell
	to those poor Pagan souls who left it hanging;
	and if you happen to walk within the mist
	under the apple boughs, 
	a Unicorn you shall find in bliss;
	the prickly Blackberry, untamed remains, 
	its dark light fright, the mind doth maim:
	juices ripen pungent odor pricks the hand that feeds; 
	stunted growth the Broom doth know, 
	when sweeping willow rooms do blow;
	drooping Daffodil toward you
	is ill omen of bad luck in love;
	Garlic springs from bright Panís foot:
	the panic godís sweet gift of luck;
	the Hagthorn sits amid the white thorns
	a Witchesí guise belies its wild horns;
	the madness cure, White Hellebore:
	harvest prospers if four tufts it bore;
	Holly knew herself as Batís Wings:
	the wand of Witchesí held in high esteem;
	on the outer wall the Houseleek grows, 
	the luck of the gods it shows;
	if youíre looking for a husband ladies, 
	do not let the Hydrangea grow like beasties;
	the Ivy is the vine gods light:
	in bright green life of earth delights;
	Mandragoras, the dragon men, 
	inhabit Mandrakes in their brain;
	cut with golden sickle Mistletoe, 
	for the Druidha know the woe
	that leads to death and war
	for those bright souls that know
	not the rite, white bulls to sacrifice;
	and do not kiss the maiden under Mistletoe, 
	unless the children be left whole below her foal;
	if the iron lock you need to break, 
	the Moonwort is the plant to take;
	nine peas in a Peapod remind us of the goddess;
	the Shrew-ash holds the healerís secrets;
	and if you secrets want to reap
	do not stand in the Willow manís keep:
	for the echoing wind will tell it all.
	So now you know the herbal lore, 
	the dark worldís course, the fated spell:
	so know this too, if you would tell
	the wild woodís wail of Banshee weal:
	then you must follow the Cunning Ways
	or find yourself within a never-ending maze.
	- Earthwizard, aka, Steven Craig Hickman
	     © January 7, 2004

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