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January, 30, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

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	    Artwork (c) Earthwizard
			The HedgeWitch: A Hagussa's Tale
	Hedge rider, Swan maiden, 
	Bone moon sister, sun's gold keeper:
	Hand me the light, your arm so bright
	Loose the vein, athame's light:
	Tap it free, three by three, 
	Human dread leeching, binding spells
	That hold thee back, awful power
	Of living dead who walk between
	The worlds of night and day; 
	Reveal the play, the ancient rite:
	The scattered myths, druidic sight;
	In pools of blood plunge ecstatic: 
	Dreams all bittersweet, Maker's treat: 
	Power and might, dark and light, 
	the goal tonight your Self's bright light;
	The simple truths we gather here
	All measure tears, dispersing fears;
	And if you hold your vein real tight
	You'll feel the blood of gods inside:
	The horned one, curled one, 
	Sea bold, too; the quick eyed, 
	Wood eyed, deft one move:
	The goat-god, green man, 
	Spotted toad: mushroom, 
	Toadstool, antlered fool;
	Nightmare, white mare, 
	Selkie's brew:
	Dark elf, light elf, 
	Winter's Hag, 
	Raven sister, wolfblood singer;
	Mab's defender;
	And you will find the goddess enter:
	Green vine crier laughing spinning 
	Mistress of Whipperginney, 
	The measured world, the marker's furl;
	And all these gods and goddesses
	Passing through your blood tonight
	Hold the promise of you're power, 
	The blessing of their might: 
	Scarlet treasure, blood feast giver;
	Know the gods within your breast:
	The running tiger, simurgh flyer, 
	Fiery dragon brood of night;
	Eagle scryer, cold owl diver;
	Werewolf howler, mad warg lier:
	All bloody labors of an hour;
	For all the elementals flowing now
	Within your bright green seed, 
	raise the music of the stars
	regain the balance in your eyes
	and dance upon the blood red moon, 
	Faerie blossoms halo round your hair:
	For you are Queen of Night and Day, 
	Mirage's Sister, Echo's Twin, 
	Ocean's Daugher, Mountain's Mother, 
	Wooded weilder of the Wild Man's blade; 
	Giver of our dark and light, 
	Maker of our love so bright;
	And if the hour comes round at last, 
	Tell the keepers of the gate:
	I AM Blest: "I'M HOME AT LAST!"
	- Earthwizard, aka, Steven Craig Hickman
	(c) January, 6, 2004

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