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Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

January, 30, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

daek enchantments of the heart...

	    Artwork (c) Earthwizard
			The Hedgewizard
	Are you willing to run naked below the bone moon?
	Are you willing to die the death of stars?
	Are you willing to live alone among wolves?
	Are you willing to descend into the dark womb,
	go back down the into the cave from whence you came: 
	know the place of Origins?
	To be tamed, one must first be wild.
	To be born, one must first be dead.
	To know companionship, one must first be solitaire.
	Ours is not the easy way,
	the bright earth goddess 
	knows how difficult it is
	to walk this way among our people;
	know you are not alone,
	she goes with you along the path,
	teaching, guiding, holding your green hand;
	her light before you, her spirit breath
	in you, and her old music of the sea
	holding you steady in all your trials;
	she is our Mother, the Earth,
	and she is the source, the origin
	of all our bright life: know her,
	be her warrior, be her fool;
	walk among the good folk
	with love, honor, and integrity of heart;
	for you are the voice of her Voice,
	the keeper of her deep mind,
	the walker on the winds of time.
	Now, know a secret: she has planted
	within each of us: a seed, a sprig of light;
	an ancient fragment of the stars,
	to guide and shape us to her Light;
	and all you must do is awaken it to life,
	follow its bright course upon the endless track
	of starborn children who are our sisters
	and brothers of the way; all joined
	within this circle, all belonging to this coven:
	lights of the sacred path, rainbow warriors, all
	who carry within themselves the deep gnosis
	of who they are, from where they come,
	of why they are here, and for where they go;
	each a bright spark of the measured light,
	the whirling plover of the Great Wheel
	their fragments tell, and from their broken chards
	the Great Goddess is remaking this earth of paradise
	into a home of light and love and truth
	to share and know and be for all: the Tribe and Land of Love!
		- Earthwizard, aka, Steven Craig Hickman
			© January 19, 2004


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