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Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

January, 27, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

the dark bard's curse knows the truths of battle, of fallen comrades, of the difficult ways of men who must defend their tribes against the dark foes who would destroy them; and yet he is also a man of the earth, a feeling, caring, loving hearth-ridden warrior who has felt the deep and abiding presence of the goddess in his life and knows that war is a \ terrible waste of manhood...

	    Artwork (c) Marc Potts
		The Dark Bard's Curse
	Dark one, beware, the raven-breasted battle-maid
	is stalking you beyond the seven gates of Hel,
	her eyes see through your dark guise
	and in the seidkoėna ways of her power,
	her hunter's gazing mind shall turn 
	your heart to stone this very hour.
	By the powers of the dark ones,
	the Sidhe of Unseelie, I bind and bend
	the twisted wyrd of your dark pride:
	you will no longer prey upon the innocent
	and weak of this earth: from this moment
	I curse you by the blood of your own dark thoughts,
	I cast you into the flames of Hela's world, 
	in Ice and Fire you shall float for all time,
	the death of wargs shall be thy thane's demise:
	never-ending life in the midst of the dark hosts;
	I say, go to thy Wyrd, be the stone dead fool,
	walk into the night of winter's spite,
	fall before the Queen of Seidr's might;
	feel the power of this Battle-Maiden:
	for upon this troth your heart with Vitėki knife
	shall be riven from your breast,
	and blood shall flow upon 
	the dragon's stone tonight,
	where serpents of the Dragon Queen 
	shall feed upon thy unholy blood
	and you shall fall within the black abyss
	of your own dark imaginings, never again
	to walk in the light of day among the tribes,
	you shall walk in the kingdoms of the undead,
	a draugar, ghost, and broken dreamer of dark light:
	and, never, never shall you harm another
	battle-maiden of the Raven Lord's, bright Clans.
		- Earthwizard, aka, Steven Craig Hickman
	               ©February 9, 2004


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