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January, 24, 2005

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

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	    Artwork (c) Earthwizard
	Aconite: The Reaper's Handmaiden
	Dip the herbs and know me well:
	Aconite, the Queen of Night, 
	spindle rooted pale in youth, 
	swarthy crone of brown aged hue;
	sepaled petaled, hooded flower
	monks believed the hooded dream: 
	a Monkshood crown to wear:
	tongue of Saxon held me 'thung', 
	wolfbaneís blood the spiny arrows plunge
	feeding warriors darts the ravenís worm;
	moistened earth is best, the growing season
	winterís reason, digging deep the rotted wood;
	punch me thumbwise in the soil: see the seed
	three years blessed rise above the hooded crest;
	propagate by division; 
	Autumnís children do the rest;
	let the old roots die their death, 
	the daughterís plant in Yule time;
	leafing time, when leaves are red 
	and gold, collect the roots, 
	but do not touch me if the buds 
	appear all green and sure:
	and when you sort me: 
	dry the plump but not the stump;
	fold me into the open air, 
	warmth and sun my need is there;
	but when the drying is all done, 
	protect me from the bright insect:
	shape me by the wooded spell; 
	enclose me in the crystal shell;
	if you feel the aged disease, 
	lumbagoís pride, rheumatic hives:
	make of me a special ointment, 
	cover skin in soothing blend;
	a tinctured dose doth fever set 
	so carefully three minims take;
	if you feel the tingling tongue, beware;
	if ants begin to crawl 
	all over thee, twice: beware, beware;
	if your children live among you 
	take advice: thrice: beware, beware, beware;
	do not grow me near them 
	for I am the Reaperís Handmaiden.
	- Earthwizard, aka, Steven Craig Hickman
	   © January 7, 2004

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