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Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

December, 25, 2004

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie: The Poetry of Ariadne ~ the Weaver

			The Lost World
	Meandering through rolling hills of green and gold
	Lies the glorious running creek with stories of old.
	Given forth from the bursting seams of mother nature
	Created by remnants of a volcanic stature.
	Babbling bubbling glistening with a misty gleam
	Telling tales of the wandering in a reflected ray beam.
	Flat rock being carved by the water trickling theme
	With dragonflies dancing in colours of red and green.
	Following the flow with changes in tenderness and sound
	One minute silent with the roaring of the rapids to be found.
	Fig tree marks the spot of ancient lore for all to behold
	As the dam wall of hanging rock meets the water, I'm sold.
	Swirling eddying bathing the rocks in the dam circle clean
	Singing mysteries aloud upon ears all around and eyes seen.
	Listening with purity of earthen recipes for old and young
	Healing the body, mind and spirit as the song that was sung.
	Elements abound in the warmth of the Air
	The heat of the sun brings Fire to beware
	As the coolness of Water cleanses the mind
	Resting on rocks of Earth to complete the rhyme.
	As the Guardian of the West spoke through the trees
	Of conservation and protection from mankind's thieves.
	Keeping the knowledge hidden to be true of all glory
	Learning comes to those willing to listen to nature's story.
	Magic in Moths millions of tiny lights bright and white
	Circling thy head fluttering the cycles of life on the quiet.
	Taking flight upon wings of heavens sent to borrow
	Finding Merlin beyond living in a bedrock wild hollow.
	Whispering warmth with rustling leaves of welcome
	Enchanting the song with mystical tree talk and some.
	Heating up with the rocks to warm the stream all a twirl
	As I give thanks to Mother Nature, Earth and The Lost World.
	Ariadne ~ the Weaver © 2003

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