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December, 24, 2004

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie: The Poetry of Alara Ithil

	Her Hidden Pain
	The wind blows
	Can you hear her cries
	The tears that fall like rain
	Of the pain that she fights to hide deep inside
	Can you feel her thoughts?
	See her dreams?
	All the memories she longs to forget
	Of those who she once trusted
	Her family, her friends
	Time passes so quickly
	But time does not heal all the
	Wounds she must bear into eternity
	She hides her heart
	Only allowing herself to feel once in awhile
	Keeping myself safe is what she claims
	Can she ever trust those
	Who have betrayed her so easily?
	Will the heartache ever  cease?
	Will the pain ever decrease?
	Can she ever truly forgive the lies?
	Of those who used her
	Those who made her grow up to quickly
	The ones who shattered her belief in happy endings
	Although now she is grown she has gained
	Strength, understanding, and the ability to forgive others
	But not able to completey forgive them
	Even though she lives life to the fullest
	She will always bear those hidden scares
	Always partially protect her heart
	Maybe one day she will learn how to trust again
	To believe in happy endings
	To have hope again
	And finally live one day without
	The memories that haunt her and
	The pain that is always buried
	Hidden deep inside of her.
			© 2004
			- Alara Ithil

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