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Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie

December, 24, 2004

Earthwizard's Realms of Faërie: The Poetry of Alara Ithil

	Moonlight shines down
	The Sacred path is lit
	You wonder if magick truly exists
	You hear the ancient voices
	Calling to you
	“Follow me down the path come and see”
	This is what you have been waiting for
	The time has come
	Your past your present your future
	Is here, the truth is told
	You finally see
	At the end of the path in a clearing
	You see the fairy’s dance
	The dwarves sing by the fire
	The goddess guides you as they say
	“We have been expecting you”
	“Now come and join the feast”
	You begin to dance and sing
	Your soul soars
	Peace and joy fills your heart
	This is your chance
	It is your destiny
	Be who you truly are
	Let love guide your way
	Let happiness fill your life
	For this is the way
	Be true to yourself
	Follow your heart
	Be true to the craft
	Cause harm to none
	Walk with the Goddess
	Let her be your guide
	For this will bring you peace
	And will bring you happiness
	You will always belong
	As long as you believe
	In the powers of the inner self
	How far can you go when will it end? 
	It’s an evolution only you can believe
	It’s all within the mind 
	So let’s explore can you find thyself
	Are you afraid wake up because it’s upon
	Line your self with mother earth 
	And let nature take its place
	For it’s already begun

		© 2004
		- Alara Ithil

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