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January, 15, 2004

Earthwizard: Seanchai of Visionary Paganism

Seanchai (pronounced Shawn'-a-key) is the Gaelic word for story teller, or more accurately, a teller of old tales or legends. But a Seanchai was more than just a simple storyteller. In ancient Celtic times a Seanchai was a teacher, a keeper of traditions, and even something of a visionary.

In keeping with this ancient tradition Earthwisdom offers a portal onto the worlds of story, myth, fable, ledgend, and poetry out of both the old and new traditions of paganism. We will explore the history of oral literature and its traditions as well as offer information regarding current Seanchais in our pagan world. Enjoy the ride!


Well, it finally happened, the old earthwizard is getting a book of poetry published for the pagan community! Some of the nicest people you would want to meet and deal with, too. Donette Smock is the Managing Publisher and Creative Director of Sun Rising Poerty Press. She is looking right now for talendted artists (illustrators and painters) as well as poets for upcoming anthologies and singular poet editions. Visit my new publishers and tell 'em Earthwizard sent you: The Sun Rising Poetry Press!


    The Poetry of Earthwizard's Realms of Faerie: Poems of Earthwizard 
    Poets of the Pagan Earth:
	Poetry of Ariadne ~ the Weaver
	Poetry of Alara Ithil
	Poetry of Ena Ambra
	Poetry of Tawny Bennett
	Poetry of Ena Ambra
	Poetry of Rev. Vicky Deckrosh
	Poetry of Dwareniel Moone
	Poetry of Raven
	Poetry of Silverlock


The Poetry of Ariadne ~ the Weaver

Ariadne is an Eccentric Witch who hails from Brisbane, Australia and is the proud single mother of two wonderfully gifted children. Having grown up in an atheist family in the gorgeous islands of New Zealand, I have always been aware of the spiritual realm which in turn made me the odd one out in my birth family. I have been practising the instinctual beliefs of olden, of many a yesteryear with shamanistic visions for close to nine years now and enjoy the balance of body, mind and spirit that comes with being intune with the elements, nature and God/dess/s alike. The name Ariadne comes from the Merlin Tradition, a Weaver Goddess, weaver of the void who weaves and unweaves creation. This has been the story of my life... I welcome all comments and questions so please feel free to email me on ariadne7weaver@yahoo.com.au .

	 In Perfect Love and Trust
	 The Lost World
	 The Call
	 Trees of Truth


The Poetry of Alara Ithil

Most know me as Alara Ithil I am 25 and live in Alabama but was born in New York, Have been married for 3 years, I have followed the path now for 2 1/2 years. I study the Ancient Indian/Celtic path. I study and practice by myself. I have always been interested in poetry and astrology. I just started writing my own poetry about 2 months ago. I was not raised in any one religion. I have tried to be christian to please my grandmother but was told that I was "bad" because of my belief that all things are alive and have feelings I have 2 disabled parents who have fianlly excepted my chosen path. I first started learning about my path when I was 13, I started seeing things in my dreams only later did I realize that I was seeing things that would happen in the future and I learned that I recieved these visions so that I may change the outcomes, I have saved my life and my familys life more than once thanks to this gift. I can also read others feelings, vibes, and intentions I have just recently learned the name of this is called being a psychic feeler, this is something that I have always been able to do since I was little. I used to only get my visions while asleep but recently they have become stronger and I have started to recieveing my visions while wide awake. I hope to learn much more about my path and I look forward to helping others. I hope that all will enjoy my poetry.

	 May the sun...
	 Her Hidden Pain


The Poetry of Ena Ambra

Ena Ambra is a Lady of the Old Craft of the Wise. She is a 40 year old single mom of one son, who is most definitely an Indigo Child. Ena took the long way in finding her path. She was raised in a very fundamentalist Christian environment in the Church of Christ doctrine. Abandoning the C of C at age 21, Ena sought spiritual knowledge by trying on several other Christian denomiations, including Methodist and Catholic, before eventually being confirmed in the Episcopal faith. Although feeling more in tuned with the Episcopal dogma, Ena still felt something was missing. After what she describes as being 'lead by the Goddess', she found herself in a Barnes & Nobel, buying Phyllis Curott's 'Book of Shadows'. What had been missing was suddenly evident - the Divine Feminine. Now, Ena's spirituality is focused on balance, finally giving honor and grace to both the male and female aspects. Even though Ena can be fiesty and sarcastic, she is quite serious and steadfast when it comes to her feelings on the Craft. Always learning, she hopes to one day be able to pass some of her knowledge on to Pagan children in the form of children's books on spirituality. Ena currently resides in Denver, CO.

	 The Truth About Witches


The Poetry of Tawny Bennett

Tawny Bennett. I currently live in Jacksonville, Fl. I am a mother of two very gifted daughters. My eldest has already made me a proud Grandmother. I consider myself an Eclectic Witch following my own path in the quest of Old. To most I am an Earth Mother of sorts. I stand tall on being humble and hold strongly to the knowledge that balance is the key to life. Since I was 3 yrs old, I knew I was different than most. Unfortunatley, I was raised as a Lutheran. Where I had to quickly conform to Christain ways in order to please my birth mother. Thus, placing my gifts at bay. At 12 yrs old, I remember questioning my sight and wondering if I was crazy for seeing beings for whom I could not explain. Today I can say, that I am a 2 time cancer survivor. My last bout was in 1998, and this was the year that changed my life! I gained strength and much needed knowledge, to strive to be the REAL ME. Infact, I had an out of body/near-death experience which made me question the way I was living. Due to this near death experience, the visions and signs came more strongly. It took me until the year 2002, to make the necessary changes in 198 my life to allow me to follow my Soul`s journey. My poem "Soul of Beckon" pretty much sums up my whole existence. Most of my poetry stems from my visions.
I will kindly accept and questions or comments on my works (Please feel free to contact me at: crazyaboutbflys@yahoo.com). Blessed Be!

	Soul of Beckon
	Time before Moon
	Vision From the Goddess # 1
	Here It Goes...
	Vision From the Goddess # 2
	Vision From the Goddess # 3
	Earth, Wind, Fire and Water
	Our World to Me
	Angel With Scabbed Wings
	Day Walker
	Message from the Ether
	Sweet Remembrance
	Need, Faith, Doubt
	People Come and Go

The Poetry of Rev. Vicky Deckrosh

Rev. Vicki Dekrosh is a 44 year Wiccan priestess living in Lake County, Illinois. She has been Wiccan all her life. As she, says, speaking of the Old Religion: "Thought I didn't know what it was called until about 12 years ago. I am legally ordained and am a member of Coven of the Lakes here in northern Illinois.

	 In the Quiet Time
	 The Divine Within
	 The Path
	 The Song of Other Worlds


The Poetry of Dwareniel Moone

Greetings! I am Dwareniel Moone, Moone to my friends and fellow bards. I am 31 and live in the beautiful blue hills of northeast Tennessee. I have studied the craft for a few years now, and have walked the path faithfully for a little over a year, a decision I will never regret. My path is that of a solitary. I cling to no one religion, but draw from my faith in Spirit for guidance and inspiration, learning from each religion in turn, for they all contain the wisdom of Spirit in one form or another. I have written poetry since childhood, but marvel how my prose has changed and become more fulfilling since finding my path. It is my wish that, after reading my poetry, one will come away with thoughts to ponder, blessings to share, and a bit of wisdom to brighten their path. Brightest blessings to each and all! ... Moone.


	An Essay on Dwareniel Moone: The Poetry of a Wise Woman
	 Ledgend of the Phoenix
	 Would You Judge Me
	 Footprints on the Water
	 Midnight in the Garden: a Midsummer Eve's Musing
	 Rede of the Solitary Witch
	 Solitaire's Full Moon Ritual: Drawing Down the Moon


The Poetry of Raven

Raven, aka Misty McDivitt, is a 26 year old mother of three from southwestern Virginia. She has been writing for well over a decade and is always searching for new outlets for her talent. Although not currently active in the Pagan community, she is studying the craft as time allows with hopes of an initiation in the near future. You can visit her online diary at http://veryraven.diaryland.com or reach her by email at blackbird_singing@earthlink.net.

	 I Am Me
	 Mighty Winds
	 Precious Child
	 Sweet Dreams to You
	 Widow's Kiss
	 Sensory Overload
	 Where You Be, My Cassie Lee?
	 For Myself


The Poetry of Silverlock

I am an old warrior, and have been writing for about fifty years off and on. I never seemed to have time to concentrate on it until I retired. Of course when I began writing there wasn't an internet. In fact there weren't even pc's. Truly, this life has been a very interesting journey. I write from my personal experiences mostly, and try to create something that will make people stop and think. Please visit, Silverlock's Den: click here.

	A Girl I Used To Know
	Chasing Shadows
	The Creators
	Ghost Wolf
	Guardians of Forever
	Last Call
	The Student
	Shirley's Waltz

enjoy the ride: eartwizard@earthwisdom.info

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