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December, 04, 2004

Just a short introduction...

Earthwisdom will provide a rich and mulitdimensional webscape of ideas, art, myth, ledgend, and herstory of the Craft of the Wise. We will offer over the coming months and years a spirit of excellence in our pursuit to show forth the greatness of the earth based religious community's artistic, bardic, musical, and literary mindscapes. Our aim is to provide the primier site for the creative arts on the web for the earth based community.

All new:

New essay on Sharon George: Fanatasy and Goddess Art: visit the critical edge!

Previous Artists of the Month

Marc Potts: The Elemental Visions of Nature

Sabrina: The Art of the Ink Witch



	Poetry of Ariadne ~ the Weaver
	Poetry of Alara Ithil
	Poetry of Ena Ambra
	Poetry of Tawny Bennett
	Poetry of Ena Ambra
	Poetry of Rev. Vicky Deckrosh
	Poetry of Dwareniel Moone
	Poetry of Raven
	Poetry of Silverlock

****************** Story ***********************

The Inferno of Master Balbridge
City of Infinite Deliriums


Our first visit is to the realms of the Blue Faeries: follow me!

Join us in Earthwisdom's Realms of Faërie forums to discuss art, craft, spells, and poetry...

Are we entering the Posthuman Age? - read the latest rant...

New essay on Earth Religion in the Modern World: visit the craft of the wise

enjoy the ride: eartwizard@earthwisdom.info

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