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Mission Statement

December, 04, 2004

Just a short introduction...

Several years ago I began a site devoted to the Earth's abiding wisdom that emphasized natural philosophy, environmentalism, and pagan based earth religionists... I became immersed in new projects, new lifestyles, and new artistic pursuits that did not allow me to spend the time necessary to maintain the old earthwisdom.com site. So I sold the domain and closed down the site till I was able at a future time to begin again...

So I once again take up the banner and begin building a world primier site for the online pagan community at large. And, without duplicating efforts such as the empowering community rich site of my good friends Wren Walker and Fritz Jung of The Witches' Voice, my site will entail the creative arts community of the pagan and earth religionist world. I will provide a rich community base system for those in the creative arts that will try to be as inclusive as possible of all the great traditions of our ancient Craft of the Wise. In that spirit I will be creating over the next few months and years a portal based system that will provide an intricate web of light refracting both in toward the deep meanings of Pagan, Wiccan, Heathen, Witchcraft, and all other forms of traditional and non-traditional forms of earth based spirituality; and, outward, toward the vast maze of sites that have already spawned a wide audience of earth based artistic lives, pursuits, and knowledge.

enjoy the ride: eartwizard@earthwisdom.info

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