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November, 25, 2004

	                            The Wood Faërie

Earthwizard, aka, Steven Craig Hickman ? 2004
Artwork © Earthwizard, aka, Steven Craig Hickman 2003 Visit Earthwizard's Art World: Visionary Realm's of FaŽrie
                The Wood Faërie 
		A wildness in her eyes, belies her guise:
		hidden laughter in the night,
		a faŽrie ring, a winged thing,
		a charm whispering wind, a moon scythe,
		thicket leaved, a fawns deep dream:
		all signs point to this wood maiden
		as she awakens in the magic Wild Wood,
		where revelries of the wood faŽrie 
		seeming spell-craft encircle her uncanny beauty
		under the dark hills of these sacred ring stones;
		her life a part of love's sweet law,
		the weaver's spell doth call
		on all who are too bold to venture 
		into the wild unknown, 
		where the Wood FaŽries dream of love and doom.
			- Earthwizard, aka, Steven Craig Hickman
				©November 20, 2003

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Who am I? The Hedgewitch Way by Earthwizard!

This site is devoted to mapping the visionary realms of pagan art, poetry, magic, herstory, culture, and religion.seo hosting Let me be your guide as we explore the echoes and resonances from the deep well of time that stretches from the paleolithic caves of Lascaux to the postmodern visions of our own dystopic epoch. At the heart of this study lies the ancient religion of the Old European complex, best exemplified in the life and writings of the late Marija Gimbutas, who brought out into the light of day the hidden roots of our pagan traditions within what she termed: "The Civilization of the Goddess". We will take a deep look at the herstory of magic and witchcraft, and its latest incarnation within the postmodern neopagan worldview of todays earth religionists. This site will take a hard look at the facts that have over the past few years come to light within both the academic and non-academic scholarly investigations into these ancient traditions.

Another exploration will involve studies of environmentalism, science, cosmology, and its current impact upon the transglobal civilization within which we are all members of wayback machine alternative an ongoing experiment, which may lead us toward extinction or toward a final consilence of knowledge and awareness of our rightful place within the fabric of the universe. So get ready to explore the strange worlds of our times as we wander through the labyrinths of knowledge and tradition to find what it means to be a pagan within this complex world culture that is for better or worse our continuing home on earth.a href="">lion king tickets



Elders of Our Pagan Earth: A Monthly Tribute

Previous Tributes

Month of January, 2004:

My tribute this month goes to StarFire whose life and writing exemplify the best a new breed of of mormon tickets A Solitaire practioner with an eclectic bent who feels deeply the call of the Lord and Lady of Life. Her personal work The Journey into Witchcraft truly touches the core of our ancient Craft of the Wise. As she iterates: "I believe to often in our current time, the focus has been placed to heavily on making The Old Religion into a pretty religion or a who's who. The religion is beautiful and deep; anyone who experiences The Craft knows this first hand. Yet as with any learning experience you must understand that it can be very challenging reaching your goal.pippin tickets Witchcraft is a daily lesson in which you are a student in the classroom of life." She has created an online Book of Shadows, a personal notebook of her journeys in our world of light: The Witches Way where you can meet this extraordinary Lady of our Craft.

Her Online Coven is located at Witches of the World Coven which at this moment has over 500+ members.

She also teaches the Craft at her site Aradia Rising

Where as she states: "I am very passionate about Witchcraft and sadly within my involvement in many communities I have seen many teachings that bore the name Witchcraft yet did not resemble the craft that I know and love so much. I have felt irritation and sadness within many areas now being taught as Witchcraft that quite honestly appear to be nothing more than a stage production or ego hierarchy trip.aladdin tickets This is sad and the beliefs that I know have nothing to do with such things nor do I feel that Witchcraft should be twisted into something unbalanced and unnatural for the student or the practionner.

Over the past several months I have dealt with many feelings of anger relating to what I see and hear on a daily basis. I fell down within the grass under the moon recently and asked The Great Ones to please help me with my feelings and also to help me explain to people what was within my heart. I asked that they give me a message to relay to the people in which I come in contact with and to allow people to see where my passion lies. On that night I was given this name "Aradia Rising" and I felt the pain of The Great Ones.

And, last, but not least she has created a Spirit of Aradia: Pagan Support Center to promote understanding and communication of among the diverse community of our pagan earth.

Please visit her at:

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